БРИГА МЕНЯ сейчас — !! Svi pisite u komentare mozda napravimo jos neki giveawa …

Сообщение: BRIGA ME 🔥 сейчас — @deejay_mateoo !! Svi pisite u komentare mozda napravimo jos neki giveaway 🤫👀 ♥ ️


Автор: Kim Lamarin

Теги: #kimlamarin

Kim Lamarin
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24 thoughts on “БРИГА МЕНЯ сейчас — !! Svi pisite u komentare mozda napravimo jos neki giveawa …”

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  2. za_slavoljuba:

    @kimlamarin Možete li nas staviti kao objavu na vaš profil?🙏🏼❤@za.slavoljuba 🙏🙏 za mog oca jako vazno trpi bolove preti da ostane invalid plz

  3. seashells.and.mirrors:

    Hey Kim, we were loving this page until July 13th where you posted a picture of yourself next to a box on Dr Smile products and then we started to hate this page because we prohibit selling prodcuts from people we are Following and anyway by now it’s clear that every decision we make is guided by our spiritual advisor. and we’ve decided that you are among the very chosen few who are receiving this message from
    us which basically is a message that says that although you may not even realize it, there is a spiritual connection and also we have been through a lot together…..and much further shall this connection continue. For you should be, — for your benefit and the benefit of the entire world, — an absolute ardent Seashells & Mirrors Follower 🌺

    after all, do you believe that is it merely a happenstance that you are reading this direct message from us at this very exact and precise moment ??

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    So jump in the cool waters and check for yourself, Seashells & Mirrors together forever & always….

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  7. zanabore:

    Wow, Ohrwurm

  8. leon__ive:

    Ovo je bolesno.Ovo ce puštati ljudima u bolnici da im se karcinom povuče 👎👎👎👎

  9. not_ivke:

    Ovaj bata poslusao kako je otpevao? Ako jeste, toplo mu preporucujem da odustane od muzike

  10. enchylilwolf:

    Sjajnaa pjesmaa😻😻😻

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  12. andrejvajdic:

    Katastrofa boze od pjesme ali dobra Koka to definitivno🌪️🌪️👍

  13. mojtosin:

    @kimlamarin @deejay_mateoo svaka čast ova pesma je top💯 hejteri… Briga me briga me ❤️❤️

  14. michelcarrasco:

    Try to be DJ , tus is not for you

  15. weitzer02:

    drzi se ti modela.. nisi za pjevanje 😂

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  17. illyria1_illyyuuuuunnnn:

    ”Briga me ” Ma briga me”

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  19. kreha95:

    I mene briga za pjesmu

  20. lvan44_:

    @kroat_official vlt sie?

  21. djordje9428:

    Pesma je top bravo 🔥🔥🔥💖💖

  22. valerijakrasniqi2802:

    Uuuu jbt, fkt jesi picka😍😍😍😘😘❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🤗🤗😋

  23. lokotschrobert:

    cool pjesma 🙂

  24. enko_395:

    Was serbin 💯💯💯